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Does anyone have an explanation about the difference between Post-Start "High" and "Low" Speed Enrichment Values, are they supposed to be active simultaneously, progressively? Also why is it necessary to have more than one copy of a Table, i.e. "Idle Speed A", "Idle Speed B", "C", "D", "E"....etc. When do these other tables (B,C,D,E) come into use? Thanks for any input. :D

Hi Wes,

I don't believe I've seen those particular tables? What generation is your Subaru? I'll put the question to a Cobb expert for you.

Quite often in an OE ECU there will be multiple tables and quite often no real clarification as to how or when the ECU will choose to switch between them. If I'm unsure which table the ECU is likely to access and I want to make sure my changes are effective, I'll make all the tables the same.

Hey Andre,

Its a 2015 STI . That is exactly the logic I was going to apply, just make all the cells the same since the axis and values are the same between all the tables. I am also looking at the "Target Throttle Table (Idle Airflow Target)" this table is 2D with Throttle Angle vs Target Idle Airflow. This table would provide the same function as the "Idle Base" Table in Link's software correct? I should be able to increment the throttle angle to increase or decrease the RPM to achieve my desired target correct? Thanks for the help!

Sounds like a reasonably safe assumption. Typically unless you're making significant changes to the engine such as cams, it's not necessary to alter these tables. Of course if you need to target a different idle speed or raise the throttle opening to reach that idle speed then yes, by all means adjust them. If you're unsure of the specific function or it's not 100% clear, I 'd suggest performing a couple of logs before and after a change to check the table does what you think it does. Often the way an OE ECU functions is not as clear as you'd like it to be.

Yeah I upgrade Cams (Crower 280's). Any experience with an EJ257 with similar Cams? I'm just working on getting it started right now, and the getting the tables configured appropriately. Thanks for your time!

I haven't tuned specifically with those cams but I've tuned similar. Most of the engines we see here are the JDM 2.0 litre rather than 2.5 but I'd still apply the same process. Given that you are reflashing rather than tuning live, I'd actually recommend starting with an OE cam control map and modifying it rather than starting from scratch with the cams at '0'. This is likely to be closer and hence save you time.