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Has anyone tried switching the wires between map and

tps and make it work using PowerFC?



Refreshing an old topic just checking if anyone has done it before.




I can't see why you would want to, if you've spent a huge amount on the mechanics of the engine which gives you instability running the PFC in MAP then I'd recommend switching to an ECU which can cope

Hi Chris250,

Been reading in the forums for the Toyota engines and they did sort of mods to cope with the extensive engine mods. Probably a cheaper solution for the ems.

So it's not something your currently working on. how far back were those threads? I think most people now would invest in a more capable ECU, I know most tuners would prefer to deal with capable ECU rather than a hack like your describing

Evening Chris,

Yeah some old threads in other forums. I reckon by now probably people are venturing into emses with alpha-n capabilities. I would love to read about it though on this topic. I bet the guys in Japan would probably have them somewhere, but in Japanese language.

One of them:


Thanks Chris.

Ah, it's because they're taking about individual throttle bodies. Even the first few posts in the thread are saying to ditch the power fc for something that can handle it. Andre done a great webinar, it's in the webinar section, on tuning 4d, using a map sensor and tps for variables.

While it might be technically possible to feed the TPS signal into the MAP input on a PFC, I'd guess it is likely to cause more trouble than it's worth. If you need to run alpha-n then buy an ECU that offers this as a load input option is my advice.

I have tried feeding TPS input to the PFC Map sensor input,it doesn't work well,just go with ecu that is capable for TPS load tuning.Not worth your time fixing the PFC.

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