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Hi as i saw on one of webinars you remove intercooler and put an injector to cool air so now we are thinking of going this route so my question is how does this effet the afr and Constance of it as we really want to go this way it will help with space and weight if we can do with out charge cooler or intercooler

are you talking about pre turbo methanol/water injection?

In my opinion this is really something that's only effective when running on methanol fuel. This is due to the cooling nature of methanol coupled with the fact we're using around 2-2.5 times more methanol compared to pump gas. Unless you were running very low boost, I don't think you'd find using injection (fuel, water, or water methanol) to be as effective as a properly designed intercooler. I guess if you can't physically fit an intercooler though, it will certainly be better than nothing.

If you calculate system efficiency it will always be better with a good intercooler fitted, the futher you go towards oxygenated content the less the difference due to increased evaporative cooling and fuel mass. If it isn't terribly painful i would always run an intercooler if possible.

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