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Preferred tuning method boost/ignition

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Hi i am assuming when tuning a turbo car its preferred to tune the desired boost pressure 1st then the timing map and this should be standard practice?

i tune to the wastegate spring pressure first before adding boost to the desired boost pressure going up in 2-5 psi increments

Yeah ignition timing after boost ?

You systematically work through it.

For example you would start on wastegate pressure, correct the fuelling and optimise the timing. Once you are comfortable you have that boot level sorted out, you will check you are commanding more fuel and less timing at the higher load sites, and then increase the boost pressure a step and repeat. You will complete this cycle until you reach your desired target, be it torque, a boost pressure number or otherwise.

All those lower boost areas will be run through at part throttle and transients, so it pays to work through things as you go.

Running your timing excessively retarded and just turning the boost up and up will open you up to unecessarily high egts.

You will also want to work out the relationship between the fuel mixture aim, timing and knock threshold as you increase the boost gradually, as there will be a trend in the relationship that is far safer to work out at lower cylinder pressures.

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