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Problem on innovate lm2

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So after reading some negative reviews on the lm2 device I still went ahead and purchased one of Amazon. I installed it to my car today and it worked for all of 2hrs. I changed the units from afr to Lamda and it took several attempts before it actually switched. Fibally it did but then when I switch the car off and put it back on the device is useless....weird screen comes up and no matter what buttons you click it doesn't go away...connected it to my laptop same screen comes up. See attached photo

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see if there is a firmware update. I have not used lm2 just mtxl but was planning on getting one, also heard of bad reviews. hope you can get it resolved

I've been using an LM2 for a couple of years now with no issues, it gets used for street tuning and also diagnostic work so is going between cars all the time.

Do you have a photo of the rear of the unit?

I've had two LM2's over the space of several years and had zero issues with them. I'd contact Innovate and see if they can advise how to move forward.


I didn't get to take a photo of the back. I called innovate and the guy basically said there's nothing that could be done. Said he's never seen one do what I'm explaining mine has done. I sent it back to Amazon today and theyre sending me a new one, hopefully this one works for more than 2hrs

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