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I'm Nicholas and i am in the process of taking the learning to tune EFI courses. I am curious as to whether anyone would be able to give me some recommendation for a few products. i am new to tuning vehicles, but would like to start off with tuning a few of my own vehicles and some friends and then progressing it from there. The product recommendations i am curious about would be for (A) Wideband Air Fuel Ratio meter and (B) Audio Knock Detection Equipment. i have been looking into some of the equipment and reading reviews, but I'm a little unsure of what some of the better options would be for someone just starting out and a decent price. if anyone has any guidance or recommendations for a few of these products, i would greatly appreciate the Intel.

Hi Nicholas and welcome along. As far as a wideband meter goes, I personally use the Innovate LM2 and have found it to be great. I use both the Link G4+ knockbox and the Plex Knock Monitor V2 depending on the task. The Plex is much more complex and feature packed, however it is also more expensive. The Link product does a great job and is very easy to setup and is cheaper so the choice comes down to what you want to achieve and how much you're prepared to spend.

Andre, thanks for the recommendations. The LM2 and Link G4 were a couple of the products I was looking at already. I want to stay within a reasonable budget for the time being as I get things started and I believe those should fit in great.

I would recommend PLX or EcoTrons for a good cost effective wideband.

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