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Psi spark plugs

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I am looking at purchasing optical pressure sensor for in spark plug pressure monitoring.

The plan is to place it in #1 cylinder and overlay the results with crank position.

Has anyone had experience with this and would the results be as powerfull as they seem for tuning in reality??

Talk to the guys at Plex, they make sure they do an online session with people before selling the combustion logger packages, their software is very well thought out. Unfortunately due to moving and job changes I haven't actually used mine yet but should be set up in the next 6 months or so.

I tried to compare them with TFX and it was absolutely no contest in terms of product quality/flexibility/utility and software, also their willingness to engage with customers. Big difference in what you get for similar money.

If you are attempting to just wade through raw log data yourself it will be a hard slog. Unless you are already good with Matlab or megalog has the ability to analyse bulk cam/crank signal/analog data an already developed package will probably be a lot less painful.