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Purchase dyno machine problem.

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There has so many choice,in the end the option I have:

1: MainLine Dyno 2WD600L $ 27000.00

2:Land & Sea DYNOmite 2WD 2000Lite $18000.00

So,I don't know how should I choise. because I never owned a Dynomachine.

When I read the information,It seems that MainLine software is more powerful than function Land&Sea,but the price is also more expensive.

Can someone give me some advice?

I have a Mainline pro hub premium dyno. The software that comes with the "premium" level Mainline dynos is incredibly powerful due its data logging/analysis abilities as well to it having CAN support from basically any aftermarket ECU as well as standard OBD2. If you are making a living with the dyno, the premium level software is what you want!

The L series of dynos from Mainline come with a watered down version of the software. I would recommend just getting a premium level dyno or at the very least, get the premium level software with the L series dyno.

Both are good brands , the first thing you have to look is which one give you better customer support

or which one you are more confortable talking with them , then you are comparing two diferents machines and diferents packages the Land&Sea 2wd 2000 lite is a basic kit without dyno ramps and computer and also their very basic data adquisition software only three channels , you have to build your ramps and maybe later update for the more professional software and hardware that they also have.

I dont be sure is your Mainline quote is with dyno ramps but Mainline include computer and computer cabinet and their basic data adquisition software is more complete than the basic data adquisition package of Land & Sea . So you have to look in all the details to compare the cost.

Type of car to tune is important on the decision, Mainline have a interface with obdII systems and is very useful for tune OEM ecus .

In the end the possible budget play a big role on the final decision and both brands are quality brands Mainline shines on the software side and Land & Sea have a lot of years on the business . talk to them before make a decision and look for all the details.

Thanks guys.


Could anyone give me more better advice,or you can tell me where they are better?

Hey Murphy, unfortunately I've had zero experience with any Land & Sea products so I can't give you a comparison between the two. I know the Mainline well and I certainly can recommend the brand, but that alone isn't going to help with your decision. What you could try doing is asking Land & Sea to tell you a few tuning shops who have their product in use. Ruing the shops and have a chat to them about the dyno and how they've found it. Make sure you also ask about tech support as that's very important with a dyno purchase.

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