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I am about to tune my car for a new flexifuel setup where i will be using 95 octane gasoline and 96 or 99% ethanol.

Any experiences regarding tuning pure ethanol?

Lambda/AF ratio to aim for, spark plug experiences and so on.

Thanks in advance!


there is a Ethanol tuning webinar coming on april the 27th

Have a look at the webinar we did last week on E85 tuning: https://hpacademy.com/previous-webinars/076-tuning-for-e85-motec-m150/

It's not a flex fuel system but it does have a lot of information that will be helpful. As mentioned, we're also completing a flex fuel G4+ webinar this week so check that out.

Typically there is little to no advantage from my experience between about E70 and E100 but regardless of that, the lambda targets and the general tuning approach remains the same. As discussed in the webinar I tend to find that E85 responds to about the same lambda targets as pump gas. Many tuners aim very rich on E85 but there is no need and it will cost you power.

It can be an advantage to run a colder range spark plug but really this comes down to how modified the engine is and how much power your aiming for. ethanol actually burns cooler than petrol so by itself, ethanol doesn't demand a colder plug. Typically ethanol is also combined with a fair jump in power and this then is why you would be fitting a colder plug.

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