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PWM fuel pump Controller on M150 + Motec PDM?

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Hello friends

What is the best strategy to use when having a M150 and Motec PDM to speed control a single, large, fuel pump.

The pump is is rated to 9 Ampére at 14 Volts at my desired flow / pressure.

How can the pump best be controlled? External Motec full bridge, Deatschworks pump controller or the likes, etc, or directly from M150 respectively PDM?

Thanks for your Input and best regards to the world out there :-)


Unfortunately last I integrated one, Motecs PDMs were still only switched outs. You'll more than likely end up having to supply power to a solid state relay via the PDM and PWM the relay via your m150.

Thank you David. So https://www.motec.com.au/s-ac-actuators/ac-dhb-ov/ would be an obvious choice I assume?

Certainly an option but unless you need another bridge for something else a simple solid state relay powered by the PDM and then switched by an aux out on the M150 will suffice.

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