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Quad Cell tracking

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I going to be using Tunerstudio Megasquirt 2 but it uses quad cell tracking

When steady state tuning there will be interpolation between the 4 cells its tracking my question is

when i dial in the cell im tracing it will interpolate the ohter 3 serounding cell's also meaning i can't get the right

afr for that particular cell since it will interpolate the other cell's or should i dial in the 4 cell's for the aimed afr and let the interpolation do its job and call it a day?

Not being overly familiar with Megasquirt it's hard to be 100% accurate. I'll assume by 'quad cell' you mean that tuner studio highlights four cells as you track around the map. This doesn't necessarily mean that the ECU is going to interpolate all four cells. This is what would happen if the rpm and load fell exactly in the middle of four cells, but if you are operating squarely in the centre of a cell (rpm and load), you would correct the AFR or ignition by tuning just a single zone.

If my assumption is right, this is similar to how Hondata software works. I've never really been a huge fan of that technique myself and would prefer a simple cross hairs or similar.

Ok, i see then i will figure it out then thank you for the fast reply

Tunerstudio highlight the 4 surrounding cell from which it's interpolating.

But you also have a blue dot* (similar to a cross hairs) that tell you where you are exactly.

Also you will notice that the highlight is proportional to the closest cell.

*:The screenshot is from MegaLogViewer (data logging software): the dot is replaced by a circle

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Ditto what Ludo said, Also if you hover the mouse pointer over the cell you are tuning it will actually display a % of how much the ecu is using that cell for its interpolation.

I do prefer Haltech and Motec's target box's tho.

Ok i see,

Thanks for the info's.

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