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Questions about tuning my 350z

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Hi everyone, new learner here! I have spent quite some time watching all the tuning courses and I am starting to tune my 350z. I am using Uprev to tune it but I'm having trouble with a few things. The AFR target map is RPM vs. Base Fuel Schedule. Now I cant quite seem how to translate this table to the average AFR map that was shown in the videos. Same goes with the ignition table, instead of a load axis it uses Base Fuel Schedule again. I'm assuming the BFS is specific to my car since it wasn't brought up in the courses. Any insight on how to translate this table (Picture 1 & 4) would be great! Also, I was wanting to set a pop/bang map on my car because from what I've heard, its a good beginner step. Now I understand its an ignition retard in a low load area at cruising rpm, and to disable over run fuel cut. However I believe Uprev handles overrun fuel cut differently. To disable it would it be as easy as changing all the values in this table to 0? (Picture 2) I've also adjusted the throttle enhancement table to hopefully get some better response there and was wondering if I'm heading in the right direction? (Picture 3)

Anyways, if anyone is willing to answer my questions that would be a world of help! I have watched all the courses on tuning several times now, I understand the theory and where to begin with starting AFR's etc. But just having a tough time applying this theory. Thanks again!

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Base Fuel Schedule (BFS) = The theoretical injector pulse width that the ECU would have to run in order to maintain a 14.7 AFR. This is NOT the actual pulse width which will be different depending on the target AFR and fuel trims

I have attached the uprev tuning guide, that should help you correlate what is covered in the course, with the specifics of your tuning suite.

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Hi I gave that a good read over, still doesn't really answer my question though...

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