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Hey guys, I got a GTR a little while ago and previously got a Nistune for it but am about to buy a Haltech...

Currently still running the stock AFM's and Turbos.

Just trying to decide if I should tune the car using the AFM's or go a MAFLESS 4D Tune... is there any benefits to either? in function or power?

I thinking the AFM's will be slightly easier to tune and maybe respond better to small variations

I do plan on doing a Single turbo upgrade but that is at least 6 months away at which time ill obviously have custom piping and would like to delete the AFM's for neatness as much as anything. But for now ill be leaving the AFM's in place either way.

Any tips when tuning with AFM's? or 4D (I have watched the 4D tuning webinar and it seems very straightforward if not better then normal Speed Density)

The MAF sensors on the RB26 are too small to support decent power as you'll exceed their measurement range if you're considering even a modest turbo upgrade. Most people running on factory ECUs or something like a Power FC would swap in the larger VG30 MAF sensors, however that's an added expense and they aren't direct fit in terms of pipe size.

My advice would be ditch the MAF and go with a SD tune using TPS and MAP as your load axis. It's really straightforward to tune (much more so than you may think) and there are no disadvantages in my personal opinion when compared to dual MAFs.

Thanks Andre, I also remember I had trouble getting rid of the rich spike on decell also which Im thinking is reversion in the MAFs even tho it has the stock GTR plumb back setup.