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R32 RB26dett Power FC L-jetro fueling issue

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Hello all,

Anybody familiar with Power FC?

Quick run down of the car im trying to Tune.

-R32 GTR that was running well on the oem ECU and OEM injectors.

Upgrades are as follows.

-Apexi Power FC L-jetro with Datalogit

-stock MAFS

-Clean Injection 750cc (supposedly)

-Nismo Fuel pump (fuel pressure set at 43psi with vacuum removed, around 32psi with engine vacuum)

First issue im having is the fuel correction, running the math, if Stock is 440cc/750cc, then correction should be 58%. latency is @ .14ms @14volts.

.91-.77= .14

I've started the vehicle with this and my wideband is reading A/F in the low 9's until the engine fouls out the plugs and dies out.

I've found that if i enter 36%correction the engine will idle near stoich. Which makes me think these are around 1200cc injectors, not 750cc.

I've entered the latency supplied by the injector supplier. 14V= .91 , 13V=1.07, 12V= 1.26, and so on.

Engine idles flat at 14volts.

The issue im having is if i blip the throttle, there is a delay in injection time to the point where A/F will lean out to the 20s for a split second and then clear up and the engine will go through the rev range around 13-12 a/f

When i release the throttle, the a/f will sit rich at high 9's then slowly climb 10, 11,12, 13,then idle at 14 A/F and everything is fine.

I've looked at the MAF voltages and they are identical at idle, 1.3-1.4 volts.

Monitoring the tps voltage its around .37volts at idle and stabbing the throttle gets it to around .80-1.0 volts where it chokes up and clears up if i just hold it through, then i can depress slowly and it revs up clean.

I've tried adjusting the accel enrichment to the point where it is more than double and the condition does not improve.

I've also adjusted the decay to the point where it is at the smallest value possible and there is no improvement in decel either.

I don't want to move forward with touching the fuel maps until i resolve this issue.

Any suggestions/ advice as to what i could be missing is highly appreciated.

Im about to ask the owner to slap on the stock injectors and start from there.