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Wouldnt it be a good idea to have some sort of rating on a tune ? as i'm now in the position of finishing entire maps with everything i learned but i have zero feedback on what could be improved. Every engine I tuned works allmost perfectly (except for some mechanical limitations) goes hard , lasts, even living on the limiter isnt a problem. So i have nothing to complain about but i would love to keep improving in my work.

Who would be judging the tunes? The level of knowledge in this industry is so different it is very hard to find even two gurus being on the same page...

yes thats a good point. Thats why i asked here , every local tuner that checks another tune is always talking negative about everything. i'm guesiing the guys at HPA dont really have a lot of spare time

Rating criteria:

-- Degree of difficulty (DBW - single or dual; Variable Cam control - single, dual, quad; boost control; knock control; sequential turbos; paddle shift integration; custom CAN support; custom firmware).

-- Completeness of tune -- temperature compensation, altitude compensation, safeties for high temps, low pressures, overboost, all features available in the ECU setup and tuned (knock control, warnings, variable maps)

-- Accuracy -- proper sensors calibrations used, correct coil dwell times, ignition delay, injector deadtimes and flow rates, base timing verified, minimal trims in closed loop, or achieving target Lambda in open loop.

-- Documentation - wiring diagrams, part numbers for sensors, coils and injectors, fuel octane and pressure recorded in ECU notes/comments -- so the customer can keep the engine running the way you tuned it.

You can self evaluate the job you've done by considering the criteria above. Could I do any of that better? Is there an opportunity to improve the quality of the job I do by making a checklist so something doesn't get forgotten.

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