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Rb20de fuel and ignition map

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Anyone have a map I can work off for r32 rb20de, even better if it's a plus t map.

And is injector dead time for the 20de injectors the same as the factory base map for the link ecu. Same with coil dwell time. As this has a external igniter.

Any help or Infomation much appreciated



you should be fine with a dwell time of 2.5MS which is most likely what it is.

As for dead times, this is easy to figure out with a wideband. Set an afr at idle such as 14:1, and unplug the alternator so that the battery starts draining. observe as the voltage keeps dropping, if the AFR stays the same. If it changes, tweak the cells you are going thru in the dead time table.

As far as a timing map, if nobody supplies you a map, it would be easy to build a rough timing table. maybe target like 15 degrees at idle, sweeping to 30 degrees thru the cruise part of the map. That should at least get you to the dyno (=

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