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Hey guys just want to say thanks coming out from Trinidad and Tobago, just completed the EFI Tuning Fundamentals course, had a great time learning about tuning since I've been into electronics and circuits and engines, definitely learnt a lot and can't wait to put this to practical usage. I currently own a Nissan Laurel C33 1989 model that has an RB25DE NEO and I was wondering if it would be possible to remap that ECU since its the later NEO one and not the original S1 or S2 ECU, I sometimes experience break ups while at minimum throttle and also power cuts if i rapidly open the throttle, I assume this could be due to the tune as I'm not sure what the car has been through before I obtained it. I'm also aware that this could be sensor or wire related, I plan on obtaining the consult software required to check ECU readings and logs to see if i could try to determine what's wrong. I was wondering if you had any basic advice on working with these engines that could help.

remapping to my knowledge is not able to be done but small adjustments to the case and fuel pressure often gives a great improvement. be it a very coarse way of doing it, normally the breaking down is due to only a few things on these, 1: spark plug gap set to .6mm 2: clean the air flow meter, renew the fuel filter and clean/test the injectors, and check the ignition timing using the consult, also check the voltages on the airflow meter they will often cut the engine if the boost level is increased or free flow exhausts are fitted because the air flow is increased it maxs out the air flow, some times fitting a new one can fix this issue. also check the TPS voltage with the consult or multi meter it should be 0.5 volts at closed position.

there are many other things but start with these

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