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RB25DET firts setup link g4+

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Hi guys! i am a newbie, i am trying to map a skyline r33 with rb25det. the engine has been completely revised.- audi r8 coils- gtr camshaft- forged pistons- 360 degree GTR optical sensor- gt30 turbo- greddy intake manifold- fmic- 750cc EV14 injectors- fuel pressure regulator and rail radium with fuel pressure sensor- 320 l / h petrol pump

I am doing the preliminary setups and I have noticed two problems. the first is that when I set the "min effective pulse width" the fuel table I cannot modify it if this is set to 1 ms. in the picture I have the current settings. I use the modeled table. if I set it with different values it works correctly. can it cause problems?

the second is that when I exceed 2000 rpm the engine enters as in the limiter, I still have to set the trigger with the stroboscopic lamp. could this be the cause? how does the sensor understand the current position of the motor if it is not set?

thank you all for taking the time to read this post!

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It looks like you have an oil pressure safety (GP RPM Limit 1 shown in your first picture), that prevents the engine from reving above 2000 RPM if the oil pressure is less than 300 kPa. What is the oil pressure at 2000 RPM?