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RB25det haltech Platinum Pro IAC Valve control

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New to the academy and tuning and love the courses I have watched so far but have a question about my IAC. Wonder what everyone else has done. So I have a RB25DET and recently switched over to a Haltech Platinum Pro ecu. I had it tuned and the tuner said the IAC valve was not working properly for some reason. It will not catch idle after rev. I did some digging and the Haltech supports a stepper motor IAC valve but the RB has a solenoid valve. Is it possible to tune around it not having a working IAC? Or is this something I need to buy a new style IAC and retro fit it? I drift the car so I can not have it stall after rev. in a corner. Thanks for any help.

I think you need to configure your DPO output for the solenoid as "BAC" or BAC Main (Setup->Main Setup->Outputs) - Make sure the Stepper Motor Output is not selected. Then see the help under Tuning - I/O Settings and tables.

Unfortunately I don't see any option in the haltech ecu manager. Under the output tab I have idle control box that I have selected. When I go under the idle control tab it does not give me any options to pick stepper motor. Maybe the frequency is wrong? In the module it said it should be set to 20 hz. Otherwise I don't know if it supports anything besides stepper motor. Thanks for the fast reply

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Look under the Setup->Main Setup->Outputs ->Main Tab. One of the DPO's should have BAC Main selected. At the bottom of the Main Tab make sure Stepper Motor Output isn't selected (or doesn't have Idle Control as it's use, as that causes the BAC frequency to be grayed out under the Idle tab).

Perhaps the problem the tuner was reporting was the the wiring isn't correct for low-side drive on the IAC/BAC solenoid. The ECU can only ground the DPO output, then other side of the Solenoid needs to be connected to Ignition Power.

BTW -- look at the help under Sport Series->1000/2000->Tuning Guide. That has more info related to setting BAC (I just figured out that is Bypass Air Control) frequency. I think that help is more useful than what is found under the Pro series plug-in.

I still do not find anything about BAC in the ecu manager software. Here is a picture of the main tab under outputs. The wiring was in the car for the past few years and everything worked with the stock ecu. I don't think the platinum pro supports solenoid IAC valves.

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it does I have the same ecu. is your car bone stock? I had it tuned with a bone stock set up and the iac worked perfectly. I just recently purchased the courses to do the tune myself with all the upgrades i am doing. i am almost done with the part install then tuning soon. Love the support everyone is giving each other.