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Rb25DET VCT Control with ECU Master EMU Black

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I was hoping to find out the typical way to control the rb25 neo VCT solenoid?

Currently I have the solenoid controlled with a parametric output.

As far as I understand the solenoid should be closed or retarded at idle, open when load and rpm increase and then close or retard again when nearing peak RPM.This seems to be the way Nissan had it setup from factory so thats how I've been using it. However I am curious to know if there is a better way or if Ive been doing it wrong this entire time.

The setup is a stock rb25det neo longblock with a gtx3076 gen 2.

Hi Thomas idle switched off typical set up would be

turn on > 1200 rpm

turn off >5800rpm

turn on > 20 percent tps

the biggest variable is the rpm switching off this is dependant on the year of engine and cams fitted

some like to be turned off at 5800 some 6400 and some not at all,

This will need testing on a dyno to see what the engine you have requires.

hope this helps Regards Ross

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