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Rb25det VCT tuning

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Hello everyone I've completed a few of the tuning courses and I'm ready to start tuning my car for the first time but I have a question about the VCT on the rb25det using an ECUMASTER CLASSIC... so my question about the VCT tuning is do I have to set it up before tuning the VE table? I plan on set it on at 1,200 rpm and off at 4,800 wich I think are the stock parameters on the stock ecu, or do I tune the VE table and ignition and then after I get everything set up I activate the vct solenoid at those rpm points I mentioned above and see what the afr is doing? Thanks in advance

You should activate it first, then tune your VE table and ignition. As the VCT is active most of the time, if you tune your VE table without the VCT active, you'll need to redo it as the change in airflow with the VCT active is pretty big.

Once that everything is tuned with your basic setpoints, you can start moving them around to see if there are some gains or losses by doing so. I think that 4800 is a bit low to set the VCT off, I usually put 5600rpm to switch it off as my base point.

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