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I am a Honda fan and will be building my first RB26. Are there any issues or some things that I should stay aware of? I ready about the oil pressure problems which will be tackled by a good oil pump.


It really depends how far you're intending to go power wise. There are plenty of little issues with the RB26 but most of them become a bigger issue as the power and rpm range rise. The oiling issue is definitely the most obvious problem that needs to be addressed but even this is often of little issue in a street car that won't rev past 8000 rpm. The oiling issues are a little more involved than just the oil pump though. With the early crank you'll also need a drive collar (or late crank), then there's oil restrictors for the block to stop the engine pumping all the oil into the head. Finally an external oil drain from the head is a common mod too.

Hi Andre,

Yes I read on the external oil drain. Should be around 600bhp regarding power. I will look more into problems encountered by other tuners

600 hp isn't a big stretch for an RB26. There's really nothing particularly special you're going to need to do that's specific to the RB26 that you wouldn't be considering for a typical build. There are plenty of examples of RB26s making this sort of power with stock internals although if you want long term reliability you'd be best to consider a set of pistons, rods and a MLS gasket with a stud kit.

Thanks for the tips Andre. Will keep that in mind :)

RB26's running 600+ also tend to push all the oil to the back of the sump on hard acceleration so the pump sometimes struggles to pickup oil. Its worth baffling the sump for that reason.

I agree Alex that baffling the sump is beneficial however in my own experience I've found this to be more problematic under sustained lateral g force rather than just acceleration. This normally shows up when the cars are used at track days, and particularly when fitted with modified suspension and slicks or semi slick tyres.