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Rb26 (R33) Nissan manufacturer fuel/ignition map

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Hi All, hope you are all well during these hard times with Covid.

I would like to see the Nissan manufacturer setup in regards to ignition and fuel tables.

Looking to see what numbers/values nissan have put in the tables from the factory.


hi Wally this can be done by using a Nissan consult that is cheap to buy but hopefully someone has a map to share


Regards Ross

Thanks Ross,

Thats perfect however does it let you access the actual timing and fuel map or just show you the timing live on the gauge.

I dont have a stock factory car to use so hoping someone has this information to share.

While I'm asking, if that information was put into a link g4x pnp and you had a completely stock car apart from changing the ECU would this work after getting the base timing set once ecu is installed.

(Would be a good starting point if tuning a stock car for mild mods like exhaust and intercooler upgrade)

The Stock ECU uses an airflow meter for load so the maps arent really going to be relevant to an aftermarket ecu that is using Alpha-N for fuel and MAP for ignition. They are also typically over advanced stock and the knock control constantly pulls timing out. Our GTR basemap is a pretty decent starting point, in fact it came from a relatively stock car that Ross tuned, I think from memory I pulled something like 3-5 degrees out of the positive pressure areas of the ign table for safety before saving it as a base map.

Thanks Adam,

I was more after the timing info as fuel I can easily adjust to target the desirable lambda.

I just find it helpful to see what the factory or pro tuner ignition tables look like on a factory/stockish setup looks like.

So good to know that the basemap you provide is based on that.

Did you just highlight the enitre positive pressure area and remove the same amount timing across the board?

Thanks aagain for the help gents.

here's a stock ignition map from my R32 GT-R.

I had Nistune on the car before I went full standalone with Link G4X, and I still have the Nistune program and the stock image saved.

the Load axis on the stock map is irrelevant to what aftermarket ECU uses.... but it gives u an idea what it looks like.

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Thanks Mike, I'll take a look.

I'd be curious to see your tune file.

Are you still running the itb? I'm about to run g4x in my gtr

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