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RB26 Rear 3 cylinders running slightly lean

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Hi all,

I have finally put my Haltech Elite into my GTR and have started some basic tuning. Very impressed so far, (bar a few trigger issues with the AEM CAS disk.. sorted now tho!) the thing fired right up!

Now, I have carried out some rough fuel tuning on the road and it looks as if my rear 3 cylinders (dual wideband NTK) are running slightly leaner than the front 3. I know the RB26 suffers from this higher in the rev range but I am slightly surprised to see this from idle to 3000 rpm. I would say there about a 5% difference. (see pic) Obviously, when I turn on O2 control, it sorts it right out. I am now planning on putting compensation tables.

My question is, is this quite normal on an RB26? or any engine with banked O2 widebands?

Big thanks in advance!


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Just to make sure you don't have a sensor calibration issue.... What happens if you swap the O2 sensors? Does the lean follow the sensor, or is it unchanged?

Hi David,

I have just swapped them over and I am getting exactly the same results. Definitely not a sensor issue. Am I right in thinking the RB26 should be pretty well matched at low rpm? I am inclined to think my throttle body linkage needs re-calibrating...


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