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RB26DETT MAP Sensor input source

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I have an rb26 with itbs still fitted, car currently has an apexi power fc d-jetro and has twin map sensors tapped into cylinder 3 and 4 intake runners after the throttle butterflies. I am upgrading to a Link G4+ plug-in and wondering if this vacuum source would be suitable for the built in 4 bar map sensor? or if i should plumb into the balance tube that runs along the top of the intake manifold? (used as a reference for the factory fuel pressure regulator)


The d-jetro PFC was a bandaid on the RB26s for the ITB throttles and the twin MAP sensors did nothing to help in my experience. For the G4+ please just use the normal balance bar that the stock boost pressure sensor is connected to.

Will do, thanks Andre.

What is the purpose of using the dual map sensors in the first place. I am currently tuning an RB26dett with a tomei turbo package and apexi powerFC Pro edit. Or can i use only one map sensor for this application?

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