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Reason for IAP fuel maps on ITB motorcycle engine?

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Hi everybody! My question is about Individual Throttle Bodies (ITB) bike tuning. Usually on ITB setting there is Alpna N fuel map which is main. But also there is IAP*RPM map. I've heard it's used usually for bottom end tuning or below some TPS % opening. But how about different loads at let's say 100% TPS? Are they used? Or about 20 % TPS? Please,share your ideas!

Hello, IAP fuel maps compare Intake manifold vs atmospheric pressure and for part throttle normally up to 10-15% depending on the bike and then they switch to TPS based fueling.

TPS is just looking at throttle position and RPM and injecting a specific pulse. so in basic,

They can be used anywhere and compensate as a 4d map that overlays the tps map. generally only used in vacuum areas below 15 percent throttle or in boost as boost increases to trim or add fuel, i tune in Tps first then when I'm happy I use it for fine-tuning, I have a dyno that can hold in steady-state so this becomes an easy exercise to complete, road tuning this is very very slow,

Regards Ross

Thank you Ross!Very detailed answer! A few more questions:

1. Do you use load for TPS bike tuning or just for IAP low openings?

2. Do you tune fuel at one (5th or what?) gear?

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