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Recommended Canbus O2 sensor controller

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I have Link Storm Black thats going into a bit of a beams MR2 project.

Anyway, the tuning justabout interests me more than the rest of the whole car.

I am wondering what the recommended CAN to Lambda style devices are out there.

I am not exactly money rich so the link branded one is not suitable.

Here are a couple of links into ones that interest me from a quick google:



I think both would be good choices.

I done some beta testing for the Spartan3 when he was designing it and advised on the CAN message design, I still have a couple of his pre-production ones working well on friends cars. I have also had good experiences with his Spartan2 devices so I wouldnt hesitate to go for his product.

I have no personal experience with Zeitronix but they also have a good reputation and I have never heard of anyone having drama's with them like you do with some of the other low cost brands.

The Spartan3 CAN was designed in consultation with me (I was working at Link at the time) to dupicate the Link CAN Lambda, so the advantage with this over the Zeitronix one is it will need no custom CAN set up and it also has the correct error messages and strategies so that the ECU will disable CLL if there is a sensor fault etc.

Interesting. I see with the Link product, there is the ability to have the lambda sensor off when the engine is not running. Is this the same on the spartan?

I have already killed a few sensors (not cheap haha) using an innovate lc-2.

Cheers, Reuben

Most of the 3rd party ones (including spartan3) will start heating as soon as ignition is on. Having said that, it is not as bad as it seems, your apparent "sensor life" problem is just an innovate problem. I have never seen other controllers kill them as fast as Innovate. In fact you can usually take that "failed" innovate sensor (showing error 2 or error 8) and plug it in to some other controller and it will continue working fine for years.

All good, looks like the spartan is what i'll buy next

Thanks heaps

Hi Adam,

What ASIC is the Spartan using? Is it a gen. Bosch CJ125, or their own creation to emulate that etc?

I dont know for sure with the Spartan 3, most of his earlier controllers all used a Cypress PSoC. I highly doubt it there is a CJ1*5 in a $100 controller as it requires a whole lot of other stuff to make it work.

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