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Recommended MPs to use for 2015 Mustang

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im wanting to limit map points the ECU uses to make it easier to tune and it seems like each mode uses several MPs. Any recommendations

While I understand that the number of mapped points in the newer Mustangs can seem daunting, among other things they correlate to the cam targets for the variable cam control on the intake and exhaust, and hence limiting the number of mapped points used will also affect the scope and usefulness of the cam control. In other worlds you'd be leaving some performance on the table by doing so.

That makes sense. I enabled OP mode and made a log and it never went in to OP mode on the log. I understand some people were saying it will use the cam targets of OP mode and necessarily go into the spark map and instead use MP 14-21 for WOT. Was trying to limit one or two MAPs for spark.