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Reflash and standalone logging set up

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Hi there. I am fairly new to tuning and would like some advice as to what is a good data logging set up required to start tuning with KESS V2 and KTag tools and some standalone ECUs too. Data logging devices I am talking about include, and are not restricted to, wideband Lambda sensors, knock sensors, ETC..

Thanks for the help guys.

The general external hardware that you'd want for tuning doesn't really change between reflashing and standalone tuning. You're going to need a wideband AFR meter which ideally can be integrated with your ECU or logger. You'd also want to consider an audio knock detection system. These days many ECUs (factory and aftermarket) will incorporate both items into the ECU so all the data you need is in one place. This reduces cost and saves time but what you will have access to is very dependent on the specific ECU you're tuning.

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