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Hi all

I know the training content covers a variety of companys supplying tuning software, but as far as I can tell thay dont cover the European vehicles as much.

What are good options to cover European cars I'm uk based

Thanks Adam

From what we've heard as feedback so far the options for european cars are a little tricky. Products like Alientech's ECM Titanium are popular and cover a large number of european cars, however the feedback we've had is that the definitions can be incomplete so many tuners use ECM Titanium in conjunction with Winols and make their own definitions. This however is an advanced technique that isn't within the skill set of most tuners.

Yer I have heard of both and with alientech is good if you only use the slave but if wanting to use the master and write your own maps it's quite limited and Winols is complete other end and it's quite complex

I'm tuning with winols, it's a quite complex skill.It may take two years to master it...

there has some tools you can use,they will spend your large money and times. Maybe you need spend about 30000€ to 50000€.

1. ECM titanum.2000€.the annual fee is 500€.ECM has so many bad and wrong definitions, you have to figure it out for yourself.I never tuning by ECM,I just use it to find the map at winols sometimes, because It has a high chance of damaging the ECU cause wrong definitions,and you don't know why...

2. Winols.about 1300€, no annual fee.I always tuning by OLS. But it requires a very specialized TUNER to operate, it needs to spend your large time and money to learning how it uses. There is no denying that it is the most powerful tool, you need to purchase a large tuning file,damos files,etc,.

3 Swiftec, This is a Spanish tuning software,I've never used it,it's too expensive.It costs up to 7,000€,annual fee 900€.

I think it's a better investment than ECM, although it is expensive. More function, more auto map identify. I don't think I need it, because I can fully understand the use of OLS.

And tools

AUTOTUNER MASTER 5000€,no annual fee.

CMD OBD+BDM+BMW 8000-10000€ ,annual fee1200€.

Alientech kess +Ktag.unknown.

Magicpro FLEX 6000€,annual fee 600€.

Wow looks like I news to move to another part of the world maybe sell my house and live in a shed

Thanks you for the reply I will have a look at all these options maybe have to get winols demo and start to learn how it all works