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Reinforce Evo Iv 4G63

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I recently procured another evo IV 4G63 i got for cheap because no one wants one due to the weaker bottom end and it’s known issue with crank walk due to heavy clutches. The engine i got came out running, I just want to know the best approach to rebuild and reinforce the engine to make it reliable and fun. What is the best approach to this project and list of parts i should be procuring? Any guidance on this would be helpful (this will be my first build).


Not an engine I've had anything to do with, but there are some guys here who have extensive experience with them, so you should find the help you need for a strong, reliable build.

Purchasing a spare engine is a smart thing to do, and something I will always advise, as it takes the time and financial pressure off if the vehicle is going to be needed within a set timescale - builds will always cost more, and take longer, than anticipated and you can do it properly rather than take 'short cuts' that come back to bite you on the bum.

Hello, Jayson. Just drop me a message at georg1970@bk.ru and I'll help you out with info you are looking for.

Just got a feedback from a customer I built 2.2 stroker for half a year ago using 93mm crankshaft - he is very happy with the way it responses. Revs up to 8300 rpm with no power loss...

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Hello whit, even i am in the same scenario as you. got an evo4 since its cheap and the only option available in my country. will be looking for the updates from your side regarding the evo4 engine.

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