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Remapping OEM engine ecu’s

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Does anyone know of any companies that sell OEM ecu remapping software, I’m looking to see if I could buy the client software to remap the cars myself on a dyno, rather than pre made map files you download and swap to the ecu. I mainly work on German cars and I’m in the UK.

Many helps appreciated.



This isn't something I've personally dived into too deep as we generally focussed on JDM and USDM models through my business. The euro tuning market is quite unique and most people are using products from the likes of Alientech to do the reading and writing of the ECU. Often they will use Winols for the actual rom modification though and this requires a skills et that most tuners don't have - You'll need to be able to find maps inside a raw hex file.

Cobb has VW, Porsche, and BMW. These days they have change their business model and really want the commitment of becoming a Cobb dealer selling their parts as well. You will have to apply. https://dealer.cobbtuning.com/wp/become-a-dealer-and-pro-tuner/

I've used their accesstuner software (with Subarus mostly) and it is pretty good. They also have good documentation and good staff for support. I'm not sure what the financial committment is but I know they've moved upmarket, so expect thousands of dollars/pounds required.

The commitment to be their dealer is 6,500 USD . Now as far as tuning goes, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee to them.

Thanks guys

Hello ,

I use ecm titanium from alientech , I can say that its good at European cars , bmw , Mercedes , and they offer good support at asian cars .

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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