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Remote dyno closing??

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Hi guys, I've had an email about the practice dyno no longer being operated.....this is terrible news and the main reason I paid for the course, when I paid for the course I was in aware that less than a year in the practice dyno woupd be taken out of the equation...will there be no remote dyno at all afterwards?

Hi Sam, I'm sorry that we've had to make this decision and believe me, it's a decision that Ben and I have debated for many months and not one we're happy about! Unfortunately the commercial realities of operating the dyno have not played out as we hoped and it's proven to be a significant drain on our time resources which is slowing down other aspects of the business such as course production. If you've purchased the hands on training package or any of the dyno lessons we will of course give you the options to complete the lessons prior to the dyno closing, convert your HPA spend into other courses relevant to your interests, or refund you. Apologies again from the HPA team :(

Wish there was a type of simulation or program where I can tune a vehicle without a real engine or vehicle.

Bummer, but I’ve felt something seemed off. I was ready to pull the trigger on purchasing all 3 courses however uncertainty made me nervous. Very said to see this option go.

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