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Remote dyno status

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Hi Guys,

Just wondering when the remote dyno might be up and available? The idea has got me feeling a bit excited - when will it be going and ready for use?



Hi Matt,

The Remote Dyno is operational at the moment. You can book time by heading to this link - https://calendly.com/hpa101/60min/

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks Andre - which courses or course sections should I brush up on before book this in? This might sound silly but I am a little intimidated by hopping on a real engine dyno!!



It would be useful to go over the Practical Dyno Tuning course, as well as having a reasonable understanding of the Link G4+ software. The rest you will pickup once you get started.

Hi andre,

What is the requirement need to be ready? Web cam, mic, headset? I want to know before i book

Thanks in advance

Hi Khalifa. You'll need to download TeamViewer and install this, as well as skype. A head set isn't essential and I use a set of iphone earbuds. There are a few setup aspects that you'll need to go through for your first session but I can talk you through this at the time.


All dates are unavailable. Can you tell me more details?


Similar issue with me, all dates unavailable

please advice

The Remote Dyno has been super busy leading up to the Easter break. There are no spaces left this week through to the 4th of April. However, from the 4th onwards you should be able to find places pretty easily.

Please let me know if you are still having issues and I will sort out a time that works for you.


Well noted

thanks Alan

New to HPA. Whats Remote Dyno Lab ?

Thanks Rob

Basically, it's live engine dyno tuning, but remotely.

@Robert, apologies for the slow reply, I must have missed your question. Here's a link to all the info about the Remote Practice Dyno - https://www.hpacademy.com/remote-practice-dyno-lessons

Hello, the remote dyno classes say "courses for life" or what ever, does that mean we can take the dyno classes multiple times without paying again, and just rescheduling?

Hey Chris, our online courses are available to you for life however the paid remote practice dyno sessions don't fall into this category. You pay for the lessons you want to do and then take that particular lesson at a time that suits you.

everytime i click on the remote dyno it brings me back to the homepage i have tried google links aswel. is there somthing that im missing? how does one book a remote dyno practice lesson?

I believe the Remote Dyno was shutdown last fall. Not sure if the issue was the difficulty of using it, or the cost of support staff to be standing by.

Yes, unfortunately, I missed my opportunity as a VIP member. It seemed like a very good idea, I am sorry it didn't work out in practice.

Can someone from hpa confirm about the dyno sessions

is the remote dyno up and going again ??

Doesn't it work anymore?

No, they stopped supporting that in 2019.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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