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Renesis peripheral exhaust ports

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I have built an engine to fit in my rx8 with peripheral exhaust ports instead of side ports.

I bought some courses on hp academy with the intention of reflashing my ecu and of course educating myself.

I was wondering if any one can guide me on what effect this change might have on ignition and fueling.

The peripheral exhaust ports open and close before the original side ports even open.

Any info greatly apprieciated

Many thanks Graham

Not having made this sort of change it's a little hard to give you any solid guidance. Currently I haven't had the opportunity to tune an RX8 engine either so again it's hard to really give you too much first hand advice. That being said, I'd say that the engine is still going to show you what it wants in terms of fuel and ignition and you don't need to have these dialled in to perfection to get yourself up and running. Once you are running you can then begin dialling the fuel and ignition in from low rpm and load and start working your way up.


Thanks so much for replying. Even that is a great help.

Thanks again


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