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Rescaling MAF after fitting larger cam and supercharger ?

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Hello all

I have here a Corvette MY 2017 Z07 with a larger displacement Edelbrock supercharger and larger cams. The ECU now detects DTC P1101 (MAF sensor out of self test range). The conversion was recently done and I wonder whether the MAF scaling needs re-calibrating and how to best approach this. I do have HPTuner.

Thanks for sharing your opinions

Can we get some more history on the project? What are all the mods done to it? Was it tuned on stock supercharger and stock coms did it go from stock to all the mods or something in between? What intake and MAF are on it? Was this an actual kit purchased from a vendor or were the parts bought separately?

Hello Raymond

Thank you for responding. I will reply in detail tomorrow. The car made 998 Nm and 750 hp today. Nevertheless, the P1101 Irritates me. P0101 does not come up though.

1101 comes up at lightest loads and RPM.

The MAF codes are based on a model of what the MAF should be reading based on things like a VE calculation. The act of tuning it may have screwed up the diagnostic monitor, in which case you would just want to turn off the code. There are people at GM whose entire job is to verify that OBD monitor works on a stock car. You would likely need to retune things that you don't have access to in order to make the MAF monitor work.

But please provide details of project and tell us about your fuel trims.

I will come with more details and histogram traces .

The long term trims in the very light load ie. 30-40 kpa..1500rpm..barely touching the throttle are up to 22 % enrichment. Short term trims are near zero +-5%

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