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Return EFI Fuel delivery change to returnless

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Hi guys

just to quickly set the scene I have a Holley Stealth Ram EFI set up for a Gen 1 350 Chev… my question is the set up is a return style can I change this to return less ??? Holley sell in tank fuel pumps that are pre set to 58psi excess fuel is returned in tank. The stealth ram injectors are designed for 43.5 psi … would changing the ECU settings from 48 down to 43.5 work ??? Or should I just buy LS1 style injectors designed for 58psi … appreciate any thoughts cheers Ash

From experience, injectors work over a large range of pressures and voltages, so the existing injectors should be OK at the higher pressure. How is the pressure rated on these injectors as well? Is it rail pressure or differential pressure?

Hi Stephen

The fuel pressure regulator is in between the fuel rails as it comes from Holley so at a guess it may be rail pressure ??? Thanks for the advice always appreciated cheers Ashley

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