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Rev problems Adaptronic select pnp for RX8

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i have the following problem:

my 13B doesn´t rev higher than 7922rpm.

It´s a 13B renesis, full bridge port

P1: red injectors, P2: yellow injectors Sec: blue injectors (hopefully cc & deadtime is correctly set ;)

That should be enough cc than i actually need. (little more than oem)

AEM coils

The oem ecu is for a 4 port (rev limter around 7500 i think). The oem ecu controls the fuel pump, the throttle, the immobilizer & a few more "unimportant" systems.

So its not to small injectors or wrong set ve table.

The triggersetup is pre-config from adaptronic´s basemap, no offset needed, we controlled it 3-4 times, becaue there is one more problem:

The Lead-plugs don´t work so i set spark split to 0° and use the trail sparkplug-cabel on the leading-sparkplugs.

so i locked the timing by 5° BDTC and clamp the timinglight at front leading.

If the sensor now detects the 5° BDTC marking, the marking on the triggerwheel lines up with the marking on the front cover.

I think that this is the correctly way to check it without the trailing sparkplugs and as i locked it, it was lining up.

Does anyone have an idea why the engine doesn't rev higher than the original despite the select ecu which controls fuel and igniton?

What also amazes me, at idle, the ignition angle jumps back and forth between 25° & 5°, actually it should be around 15°.

I am grateful for every idea.

P.S. i used google translator, my english is not the yellow from the egg ;)

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Is the adaptronic controlling all of the runner/port actuators?

Can you log throttle position when it cuts? I don't know if the factory ecus on those used throttle and fuel cut strategy.

How are the injectors wired?

The ecu is probably using ignition trim for idle speed, you could disable it to fine tune idle air but if it is stable it's probably OK.

1. Yes, all actuators are controlled, and they work.

2. Throttle is fully open, and it sounds more like an ignition cut, lots of bangs and pops.

3. The injectors are oem wired.

4. I asked adaptronic, how I could control the idle speed, they said there is no way with the old adaptronic select's and I need to use the old wari software because there are some problems when using Eugene (I would love to use Eugene, because I think it is lots easier to use).

I saw the injector voltage dropping down as I revd the engine, down to 0,8V.

Is this normal? I don't think so because if there is no voltage at the injectors, how should they work?

It depends how that voltage is measured. It will be at the injector earthing point on the ecu, so when the injector isn't active it should read very close to alternator voltage, when earthed to drive the injector it should be close to zero. If that figure is smoothed/averaged you would expect it to drop as duty cycle increases, if it is instantaneous you would expect some readings around system voltage and some close to zero.

The injectors wouldn't fire at all at such a low voltage if that was pulling so low in the inactive state/system voltage was that low.

What does system voltage do?

Does it start to go rich or lean progressively at the revs rise at that point? I have read that the renesis doesn't like overlap and porting can actually reduce performance.

If it is flowing more it should go progressively lean, if flowing less it should go progressively rich followed by misfires which will show lean.

Okey, the data is from the "ecu-data" window which is a "feature" from adaptronic wari tuningsoftware.

So I don't know how they are measured.

But when injector duty cycle is close to 95%, the voltage is dropping.

The system voltage is very stable at 14v, also when the rpm is increasing.

When rpm is rising, also at the point of cut, the afr is very close to the target afr. Maybe 0.2 difference.

Does the misfire u mean sound like a real ignition cut at 7800rpm?

Have you heard about other piggyback setups where the oem ecu was limiting?

If the OEM ecu isn't connected to the ignition or injector wiring it shouldn't be able to effect a cut.

From memory the adaptronic log will flag any cut states, are you sure there isn't a low coolant temp rev limit or some coming in or intake resonance giving a boost cut or something silly?

Are you sure all the injectors are working? Surely it shouldn't be hitting 95% DC? Is that true commanded duty cycle or with injector latency accounted for?

I attached the last tag, it is very short, the car was parked. I let the engine warm up while standing and only let it rev up twice.

My buddy checked whether the throttle was open as long as I was on the gas and he confirmed this.

I have set all rev limiters to at least 10,000 rpm to make sure that nothing is limiting after all.

I'm not quite sure how I can force staged injection to be active earlier in Wari. Normally, the select itself should switch on the 2nd or 3rd level as soon as the 1st or 2nd stage is close to 95% DC.

I am not sure whether I have set the deadtime correctly, I haven´t installed a fuel pressure sensor, but I know that the oem fuel pressure regulator regulates the pressure to 3 bar (btw the rx8 has no return line).

So i entered the values i got from adaptronic ​​of the deadtime at 400kpa in the 2d table and interpolated missing values ​​so that a uniform curve is created.

If I want to test the injectors, do I have to have a fuel pressure of 400kpa on the injector?

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