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Revmatch problems and ingition question on Supercharged Honda k20

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Hi guys,

Introduction: First, Im not doing any tuning for living, I was forced to start learning EFI because of my project. In my country there is no tuners who can do whole job on the way I want because there is no any experience for k20's and superchargers at all. They all are doing just reflash on VW cars with remove tuner support.

On the other side, Im tracking my car, and I have some requests which are not only daily drive and WOT. So I must to do it myselft, I don't trust online tuners because its not that easy to do it on the street, and I want my calibration to be unlocked.

Build: Rotrex C38-81 Supercharger on k20z4 with stock internals. Its intercooled, with proper CAI and BOV, also whole exhaust is 70mm open with 4-2-1 header. On dyno its showing 323 whp up to 0.7/0.8 Bar of boost. Its tuned using Hondata FlashPro.

Problem 1: When I do throttle tip in on rev-match, car is not responding on throttle well. Revs are not jumping like they need even if I press pedal 100%. If I keep the pedal, it will get revs up, but on hard braking before the corner and shifting down, I need just to tip in the throttle. When I shift it after failed revmatch, transmission will force the engine to get revs up, but this is not how it should work. Attached two logs, you can see the the problem on:

Log Revmatch 2, 3:28, there is a throttle tip in, but no revs up. Only after shift revs go up.

Log Revmatch 1, 5:59 and 5:17, even in the log looks everything is ok, it doesn't revs freely like it revs usually.

Problem 2: In attached calibration and logs, there are few knocks detected. Knock detection on this engine is a little complicated, but anyways, it happens on up shifts or when I hit rev limiter. Ignition changes from 21/22 (8k rpm) to 27/28 on shift and goes back to 21/22, and this change it seams that causing knock.

In all calibrations I see as example, left bottom part of the ignition map has high values (example: http://cloud.mladjan.me/3e0M2G201z0v), but in my calibration I needed to reduce ignition values here to reduce these knocks. Am I doing good thing or there is another problem?

Any help is appreciated, most of the flashpro features are the same things like on other platforms. Hope you will have some ideas to try :)

Thx in advance,


Attached Files

Where is your map sensor plumbed into? K20Z4 is a dbw throttle, or is the engine transplanted?

K20A2 SC owner here.

Hi Muu,

Its still DBW, engine is in Civic FN2.

Im using TTS Performance shaft drive kit, MAP sensor is on stock intake manifold (hondata 4bar): https://static.wixstatic.com/media/01bd81_97b67acf3713412da018ebf9b71326cf~mv2.jpg/v1/fill/w_509,h_382,al_c,q_90/01bd81_97b67acf3713412da018ebf9b71326cf~mv2.webp

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