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Rich Idle FIC 1450 injectors

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Hi all,

Just bought a set of FIC 1450 cc injectors, I installed them on my 3sgte .

- Do i need to install resistor pack to get them running ?

- Gen 3 uses low impedance and Gen 4 uses High imp injectors ?

Just for the sake of testing i started up the car [ with out resistor box ]

It started up fine but pig rich with AFRs at 11 - 10

Lowered the main fuel to 4ms.

0% main fuel trim.

Min effective pulse width 1

Injector actual PW i am seeing is 1.854 ms

Base fuel pressure is 32 PSi

Any suggestions for letting it idle around 14.7 -14 AFR

I dont have low pulse width data for these injectors.


We'll need some more info on your set up.

Gen3/gen4 ...3S-GTE?

We're your previous injectors high or low impedance?

What ECU? Link?

I would start by zeroing out the main effective pulse width.

Hi Chris,

Its a Gen 3 3SGTE ,

Previous injectors were stock 540s.

LINK G4 + plugin.

Looks like the injectors are not responding to ECU lower ps requests.

In new firmware i cant seem to find the Injector type option.

Saturated etc etc.

The G4+ plug in will need the new injectors to be impedance matched to the stock injectors. If your factory injectors were high impedance then your new injectors will need to either be high impedance also, or you will need to use a ballast resistor pack. If you run low impedance injectors on a saturated drive with no ballast, you risk burning out the injector drive.

I'd start by setting the minimum effective pulse width to zero and see how that effects your idle. I've never used FIC injectors but a min effective pulse width of 1 ms is very large and will be affecting the minimum fuel volume the injectors can deliver. For reference, an ID1700 has a minimum pulse width of 0.125 ms.

Ultimately I'd talk to whoever you bought the injectors from, or email FIC directly and ask for the data. It's 2016 and if the manufacturer can't supply this, buy injectors elsewhere. Your life is going to be a lot easier if you have accurate dead time and short pulse width adder data.

The 1.85 ms pulse width the ECU is reporting will be the combination of the 1.0 ms minimum pulse width and the dead time value at the current battery voltage.

Thanks for your reply Andre.

Always helpful.

I called FIC and requested for the Low pulse width data

and Dead times. They excused and said since 1450s are no longer in production so they cant produce

the data for low pw non linear region and sent me 5 dead time values @ just 2 different fuel pressures.

- This is one lesson i will never forget !!! I find ID and deatch werks have more data with each of their injector sets.

Will be updating the results tomorrow.


I got hold of dead times for FIC 1450s.

The car didnt start.

- Put back Stock injector dead times

- Min effective PW = 0

- Main Fuel PW = 7

The car started 1st self - idling at 14.7 afr - a random dip to 17 AFR.

Gave it throttle till 6000 RPM no hesitation ...

ill take to cruise for tomorrow and correct the fuel table.

- If i set the MAP limit to 260 KPA and the actual MAP sensor limit 200 KPA will the car cut off at 200 KPA ?

My understanding is that MAP limit is a safety feature which has no relation to actual map sensor as to how much boost we can run..

If you alter the injector dead time table, this will effect the pulse width being delivered to the injectors. If the car wouldn't start with FIC's dead time values (which you would like to think are correct), then you will need to manipulate the main fuel table and/or master injector pulse width. Log the injector effective pulse width with both sets of dead time values and you will see why it won't start with FIC's dead time table.

Are you saying you have a MAP sensor with a scale that only reads to 200 kPa? So a 3 bar sensor? The MAP limit in the ECU is the point that the ECU will cut fuel or spark for engine protection. If this is set higher than the sensor can read, it will never cut.

Can i use the GM calibration data HP TUNERS for ID 1300s using differential pressure data at 39 PSi short pulse width adder table.

As ID 1300s and FIC 1450s are similar in size

or should i use ID 1700s data ?

I know i involves alot of risk but i have no other solution either to sell FIC 1450s or try the random data to get closer to a usable injector behavior.

Please advise.

You can't use the data from other injectors even if they are the same flow rate, your best leaving the short pulsewidth adder on 0 and just getting the lag times, some companies will be able to test them and give you this data, that will allow you to begin tuning


I tried the ID 1700 dead times with gm hp tuners data.

Lower RPM drivablity was good , no misfires.

WOT AFRs are around 11.7 which were 0.2 afr shy of the target.

Minimum effective pw is 0.125 ms

[A question just to get my concept clear. at 0.750 ms effctive pw a value of -0.0160 indicates what ? what if the value is in +0.0160 what would that indicate ? ]

Now at idle the afrs are swinging between stoic and 17.0

There are 2 things i would like to change

- Changing minimum PSW to see how it works

- Changing the dead times at 14 volts from 0.98 to 1.1 ..

looking forward for suggestions.

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