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Rising rate fuel pressure regulators

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Hi guys, after on your opinion on this particular application.

Would you use or not use a rising rate fuel pressure regulator on a Medium to high boosted setup, say 30psi, on 6 cylinder street car running batch fired injection, e85, 2200cc injectors, A1000 in tank fuel pump, Microtech ecu- generic millisecond style adjustments not VE based. I believe due to the size of the fuel system a rising rate regulator would end up pushing it too rich to tune out of under hi boost?

In my opinion, a rising rate regulator is only needed when the fuel system isn't really matched to the set up or slightly undersize. Either that or low boost applications where it doesn't have the potential to push the fuel pressure up another 35psi over a base of say 50.

Any feedback would be great.


It depends on your definition of rising rate, normally a pressure regulators will rise with boost pressure in a 1:1 ratio, where as a rising rate will normally be a 1.7:1 or 1.5:1 ratio.

Rising rate pressure regulators are normally reserved for applications where people are low pressure boosting an NA car, if you have a programmable ECU then fuelling should be controlled with that.

One thing that people occasionally trip up when it comes to fuel pressures is that in tank pumps have a pressure relief valve, they can only deliver a certain pressure before this releases and your pressure plateaus or drops

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