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Rotary Semi PP injection

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Hi Team,

I'm looking at the best way to run 6 injectors on an upcoming 13B Turbo build.

Looking at doing:

2X ID1000 Primary

2X ID1300 Secondary

2X ID2400 for stage 3

ECU is Link Fury

Turbo is Borg Warner EFR 8474 with 1.05AR Rear

The thinking behind it was to maintain the drive ability somewhat by keeping the primary and secondarys a bit smaller, and keep stage 3 for the top end as will need more flow if running E85.

This brings us to the main point that i've been thinking on, which is, is it better to keep it setup this way, and tune the 3rd stage of injectors on the Auxiliary Injection table, so in short injectors wired as 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 and the last stage of injectors only coming on above 70%ish throttle,


Run 2X ID1000 as primary and 4X ID2000 as secondary then tune it as you would a normal rotary setup so for this, injectors wired as 1-2, 3-4-5-6


I haven't done it myself, however I'd be inclined to use 3 separate stages by incorporating the auxiliary injection function. If you ran 4 ID2000 secondary injectors you'd almost certainly struggle to get a clean transition since the jump in fuelling is going to be so large. I'd also check with link to make sure you can run 4 high impedance injectors off a single drive if you did go down that path.

Not to sure what exactly you're planning to do.

As I understand it (may be wrong), there will be three main ways of staging injectors.

The first is a full transition, when the initial low rpm/demand set are phased out completely to a secondary, higher flow set which takes over compl;etely and even to a third set. With this arrangement, as Andre mentioned, there can be a bit of roughness during transition but it can be very successfully used to improve fuelling characteristics, especially mixing and evaporative cooling with alcohol fuels.

The second is supplementary, this is where the initial set is still used but there is a second set brought in to increase the total fuelling with both being used, again, potential for a third.

The third is a blend where there is a progressive transition from the first, to the second, and even third, with one set being the primary supply with the other(s) also supplementing the fuelling - with the bias possibly changing in favour of one over another as demand changes.

Each has advantages and disadvantages, so give it some thought, then you can plan the fuelling details.

Thanks Andre, as I thought, the best route to go down is most likely the Aux injection path.

Gord, will be setting up as per Links staged/sequential fuel injection method as is the desired setup for rotary, the question was what is the best way to add more top end fuel on e85 as we will likely need approx 30% more fuel up top rather than having massive primary/secondary injectors running at low pulse width at low load/rpm, which would then likely give us drive-ability issues on pump gas!

No worries, I got that, just different options to achieve it.

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