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Rotary Specific Course?

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Hey HP Academy,

Love what you guys do and i am learning heaps, but a while a back i remember you guys mentioning the potential release of a rotary specific course.

Is this still on the cards? I have been hanging out for this to happen!!

Keep up the good work guys.

What engine management do you have? And what rotary?

My enquiry was more about a general rotary tuning course. Something similar to efi fundamentals but just the Rotary relevant parts that differ from piston engines (eg. calculations from engine cycles etc..). I watched the Rotary tuning webinars which were very good, so a course that elaborates on that would nice.

I work with all rotaries (even have a quad rotor build on the go) and they are usually running MicroTech or Haltech but the course wouldn’t need to be ecu specific

If you're getting that general, well the trailing ignition is one of the only parts that applies to basically any production Mazda rotary. So there could be a section that's focused on tuning trailing timing split. And the basic concept of AFR tuning is the same.

Everything else varies a lot. So for example, oil metering system varies a lot among the generations, especially when you jump to rx8. 3rd gen rx7 and Cosmo has sequential turbo but none of the others do. All the non turbo fuel injected rotaries have multi stage intake systems, similar to many piston engine variable runner and variable 2 step lift systems (classic VTEC). Turbo engines don't. Carbed non turbo don't. Injector staging varies... anywhere from 1,2, or 3 injectors per rotor. Secondary air injection system and theottle/idle isn't that different on an EFI 13B but rx8 is much more modern with electronic throttle.

As far as calculations go, main thing to remember is 270 crank degrees per cycle instead of 180 (compression stroke starts at 270 btdc instead of 180). That applies for injection timing mostly, and displacement could be considered 2 times advertised.

It is definitely something we want to do but right now I couldn't give you a realistic date sorry. Part of the problem is access to a suitable vehicle which we currently don't have.

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