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Rotary timing settings

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i have a bit of a head scratcher here, I have a 12a turbo rotary with a haltech e8 and when I set the base timing to 0 and then turn off the timing lock and start it the timing is reading -10 and the ecu is commanding 16 deg.

Up date I also can’t change any fuelling or timing in any table apart from the main set up page’s

I haven't actually had the pleasure of dealing with a 12A before but a quick google suggests the timing marks are 0 and 20 ATDC. I only mention that because I know a lot of people don't know what the two marks mean. With that out of the way, how are you checking the timing? You should be able to set the base timing to zero and check the timing on the leading plug for #1 rotor and it should align with the 0 deg mark. If that's not the case it sounds like your timing is incorrectly set. I'd just caution you that if the ECU has been previously tuned with the base timing wrong, correcting the base timing could then require the full timing map to be adjusted otherwise it may be over advanced and dangerous.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say you can't change any fuelling or timing. Could you elaborate please? Have you tuned an E8 before as they are a little unique with the bar graph arrangement?

IIRC the marks on a 12A are -5 and -20, both turbo and NA though please double check. I've also run in to many 12A pulleys that have symmetrical mounting holes (again, this is in the US and on NA 12a's, so your mileage may vary) so confirm that you're actually pointing somewhat close to TDC on the front rotor when the pulley indicates you are.

There is very contradicting info about true tdc for rotarys, there are 2 timing marks on the pulley I have set the ecu lock on on 0 and set base timing to the first mark but then when you unlock timing and recheck with timing light (engine running)it is about 10-15 deg retarded even though the ecu is putting out 16 deg. I have not tuned a e8 before but any change I make to a coolant or air temp compensation table or main map nothing happens the only changes that work will be in the main fuel set up page like the global fuel table.

Andre I have set the base timing as per your description