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Rotary with Quad throttle body and Fueltech FT600

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Hi guys,

I have a job here that has a 13B bridegport rotary with quad throttle body setup (running N/A). He also has a Fueltech FT600 to install.

Can the Fueltech do TPS/MAP, TPS only or is it MAP only?


Should i run a vacuum port from each runner to a vacuum tank to get a stable map signal?

Also this car is going to have several electrical loads and im just curious how the ecu is going to know this and compensate without a MAP signal.

Thanks in advance

I haven't had the opportunity to use a FT600 yet myself however from the information I have about the system it appears you can select TPS or MAP as your load axis. For your setup I'd suggest using TPS as the load axis. The part I can't answer right now is whether the ECU uses a background compensation for MAP if you're using TPS as the load axis (this is quite common with many ECUs). Either way, I'd be making a balance tube for a MAP signal as you will be able to use a 3D comp based off MAP if the MAP value isn't automatically accounted for.

I think you know it now but the Fueltech offers several solutions.

You can tune the main fuel table via TPS or MAP.

You will have a compensation whether you set it up to TPS or MAP. Either TPS or MAP.

Either you have TPS or MAP in the vertical axis. In the horizontal it is always RPM.

You can switch from TPS to MAP in the "Engine setup" menu and base mode to advanced mode in "advanced map options".

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