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RPM Limit At Motec ECU Maneger

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I notes that before when I tune my car with different tuners when the car reach the RPM limit some tuners tune the engine make expulsion and fire from the exhaust, some of the tuners makes the rpm cut slow the some make it fast. sometimes the sound of the engine are nice sometimes some tuners make it worse.

my question is how is:

1-how can make the engine makes fire from exhaust ?

2-how I can control the speed of the rpm cut (make it slow or fast) ?

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The rpm limit effect can be altered by adjusting the RPM Limit Type and the RPM Limit Ctrl Range in the ECU Manager software under General - RPM Limit. For flames an ignition cut is best as unburned fuel and air will pass through the engine. Be aware that an ignition cut can damage some engines that have weak valve trains due to the combustion that will occur in the exhaust system.

The RPM Limit Ctrl Range will affect how harsh or smooth the rpm limit is.