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Rpm on laptop doesn’t match my rpm on dash

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Hey very new to this and as I just started my car I first thing I noticed my rpm on the dash seems higher than the rpm on the laptop. I’m running an aem infinity on a 2000 Honda Civic si. Hall crank and cam sensor with coil on plug. Anything that can be done to calibrate or fix this ?

Hi Jose,

Firstly, what is the connection between the ECU and Tacho in the dash? Is it CAN, Pulsed PMW signal, Serial or something else? Knowing this will assist in diagnosing the reason for the differences between the true engine speed seen in the ECU and the reported engine speed in the dash.

Might help if examples of the variation were given.

Most likely causes are the wrong number of cylinders has been selected and/or the wrong ignition/tach' input.

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