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Running 6 cylinder engine with 12 injector

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hi everybody

I was woundering

What is the benift of runing 12 injectors on 6 cylined engine ?

What is the best racing fuel to use for a street racing engine with MLS gasket ?

Thinking to add 6 extra injectors on my engine and get secound map as a racing fuel map to use it for weekends racing

My engine is 1FZ it make around 1000RWHP on pump gas

G'day Mohammad.

Usually more than one injector per cylinder is used to get a high power engine to idle and cruise nicely. It idles and cruises using only one injector per cylinder, as often really really large injectors have problems supplying the small quantity of fuel required in the idle and cruise zones. Once the engine gets on song and is making lots of power, the secondary injectors are staged in to supply the large quantity of fuel required.

We don't get the 1FZ over here in NZ, post up some details of your ride in the build section, would love to see :-).

Thanks Zac got your point

will post my project soon

Is there any other benefits from the extra 6 injectors like like run the engine with diffrent kinds of fuels ?

In a way, yes. E85 is much less energy dense than typical gasoline, so you have to inject much more of it. The original 6 injectors might be capable of supplying the required fuel to hit your target AFR's when running on normal gasoline, but it might need the extra capability when its running on e85.

Or do you mean having two completely separate fuel systems, different tanks, pumps, fuel line and rails, so you could have two different fuels on board? I suppose that would be possible, but I've never seen it.

Exactly thats what i was missing thanks again for your help

about two fuels on board its commen thing here because nissan patrols and toyota landcruiser's comes equipped with two tanks and that makes things easy

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