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Rx7 Fc turbo ecu choice

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I own a 1991 Rx7 Fc S5 turbo and I am wondering what ecu to use personally I'm leaning towards a link ecu.

But I have a few questions with this,

If I read correctly there are no plug and play ecu's for an S5 Fc.

And I would also like to keep the omp in working order would this work the same as on a FD or is the wiring different.

Or if there really is no need for an omp if you premix what is the best way of deleting the omp and what is a good ratio for premixing?

Open to suggestions and thanks in advance.

Easiest plug and play ECU is to get a plug and play Power FC kit from Banzai Racing. That will run your OMP as well. http://banzai-racing.com/store/S5_PFC_adapter.html

It's an older ECU for sure, but it will run a lot of stuff (staged injection, OMP, etc) out of the box. I think all the other plug and play ECUs have been discontinued for the Rx-7 at this point.

Ah yes a power fc might be an option didn't know they made adaptor harnasses for them, if my tuner knows how to work with it I can go that route.

I personally despise Power FCs. With todays readily available more fully featured ECUs that speak CAN I don't see any value in a PFC if you're already going to the trouble to swap an ECU.

My personal favorites are:

Motec Mxxx/Gold box (haven't played with the M1 series yet)

Haltech's Elite series

Autronic SM4 (doesn't speak CAN and is definitely dated but it has some awesome functionality if you can get around the quirkyness of the software)

I think the only current ECUs with rotary support that I'd say rate below a PFC for me would be an Adaptronic or Microtech, though ultimately its your ride, so whatever your tuner is most comfortable with benefits you most.

Yea definitely have to talk to my tuner about it.

Also since I'm from belgium my options are limited due to some redicules shipping costs.

Adaptronic did have plug and play ecus for s4 & 5 rx7. There is some maturation required in the newer M series ecu firmware functionality to realise the ability of the pretty decent hardware but I really can't see how you would rate an Apexi over them, this is coming from someone who has an apexi in his FD3S.

Adaptronic as a company got bought up; I'm not sure what the future is for it. The adapter harness that Banzai Racing sells could work for other plug and play ECUs. But basically, plug and play options for such an old car are limited.

Plug and play seems to be a very limited market indeed.

But I'm not afraid of going all out with a wire in ecu the only problem there is how to wire in my omp and what with the trailing split and coils.

I don't know if anyone has any experience with installing a link g4+ in a FC but with the correct wiring diagram shouldn't be to difficult?

I can't speak for other companies, but the AEM plug-and-play EMS for FD RX7 got discontinued years ago due to slow sales. It seems that tuners are doing a better job of keeping rotary engines alive now compared to 10-15 years ago, which is encouraging.

During your shopping, I'd recommend to ask people who have actually used those ECUs on the 13BT engine, since it's different than the 13BREW from the newer cars. Some (possibly all) of the FC RX-7 ignitors need a pretty unique signal for the trailing coils. It may be necessary to replace the ignitor or coils rather than trying to find a standalone that will keep the OEM ignitor happy. Also be aware that the distributor-style CAS ('crankshaft' angle sensors) in FC RX7's are much more prone to noise interference than the newer design on the FD. I would replace the CAS with a Full Function Engineering trigger kit if the ECU can work with it.

I wouldn't ask a tuner to learn a new system on a rotary engine, but an AEM Infinity-506 ECU can run the 13BREW engine (including staged injection, trailing coil split with the FD ignitor, and OMP control) so that might be an option if your tuner happens to be experienced with our ECU on other platforms.

Good luck,


The Banzai kit includes instructions for modifying a trailing coil to work like an FD coil.

What about just using 4 separate coils one for each spark plug and setting op a spark split vor the trailing plugs ?

I think the idea was to use the factory harness. If you just adapted the coil plug end you could run two trailing channels and wasted leading aftermarket. Adaptronic will continue to exist, Andy and the Haltech guys have made that clear. Haltech have employed Rob who worked for Adaptronic on development in the past too.

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