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RX7 FD vehicle speed sensor using adaptronic m2000

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I have a question regarding the wiring the vehicle speed sensor of an rx7 fd in combination with a standalone adaptronic m2000 ecu.

I'm trying to figure out how to wire the VSS. I replaced all the wiring in my car in combination with an ecumaster pmu so basically nothing of my car's wiring is original.

So far I've got 2 cables coming from the VSS at the gearbox that I brought to the interior. My question is do I wire 1 end to the VSS cable of the ecu and then use an output cable or aux cable of the ecu to go to the speedometer or do I connect the signal cable to the ecu and to the cluster? The 2nd cable needs to be grounded if I've been looking at the correct websites.

Does it matter which cable I connect coming from the gearbox VSS? Or will swapping the ground and signal cable reverse the signal like for example on a voltmeter?

If I'm looking in the ecu settings you can calibrate each gear so it might be more accurate to use an ecu output for my cluster?

Thank you in advance

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Hi Wido, sorry but I can't actually give you a specific answer right now as we still haven't completed all of the vehicle integration with our Adaptronic ECU. From my brief research it looks like the speed sensor in the gearbox is a direct connection to the gauge cluster however there is an interface from this to the stock ECU. In this case it should be sufficient to tap into the signal wire and connect this to your Adaptronic. I will know more once we've completed this on our own car but until then i can't offer much more sorry.

I'll try to figure it out over the weekend

I've already got 2 ecu output cables close to the cables from the cluster and VSS and I'll lift the car from the ground and let it run in first gear so I can measure the voltage coming from the VSS and then I'll wire everything up and calibrate the gears in the ecu and see if it works.

If it works it shouldn't be too difficult to wire it to the cluster and I'll post my results here :)

Thank you anyway I really love this website and I've learned a lot so far already!

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